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vibrating screen machine

The installation process of the dewatering shaker is generally divided into two steps. First, the pre-installation inspection is carried out. Check that everything is correct before starting the installation. First of all, the dewatering shaker (dewatering screen) should be checked before installation:

1. Whether the packaging is intact or not, whether it is damp or not;

2. Whether the motor is deformed or damaged during transportation, whether the parts are complete, and whether the fasteners are loose or not;

3. Whether the motor nameplate data meets the requirements;

4. Check the insulation resistance of the stator winding to ground with a 500V megohmmeter not less than 20 megohms. Otherwise, the stator windings should be dried. The temperature should be uniform during the drying process and should not exceed 120 °C.

Only after the above four items have been checked, the dewatering shaker (dewatering screen) can be installed. The installation steps are as follows:

1. The vibration motor should be installed reliably and firmly on the vibration equipment;

2. After the motor is installed, the cable should not touch or rub against the vibrating body. It should be in a natural suspension state. At the same time, it must have a bending radius greater than 5 to 6 times the outer diameter of the cable, and then fix the cable to stand still. On a machine or frame, the distance is approximately 500-1000 mm, and a soft insulating material should be placed on the clamp of the fixed cable.

3. Adjust the excitation force according to the following requirements: (1) Remove the protective cover at both ends, and loosen the adjustable eccentric block compression bolts at both ends.

(2) The eccentric blocks on both sides rotate in the same direction, so that the required excitation force tick marks are aligned with the reference line at the shaft end;

(3) Tighten the eccentric block to tighten the bolt and install the protective cover.

4. The vibration motor can be operated by connecting the power supply to observe whether the steering meets the requirements. Otherwise, the steering is changed by replacing the power phase sequence;

5. If the vibration motor is not normal during the test run, such as abnormal noise, no speed, abnormal heat, etc., it should be stopped immediately to check;

6. The vibration motor is initially operated within 100 hours of the cumulative operation. During this period, the foot bolts should be tightened once every 8 to 10 hours.

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